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“We received our order for the solar shield screens. It arrived in great condition! I was pleased to find that your promise of including a generous supply of the velcro-like tabs was indeed true, as well as an ample supply of alcohol wipes. All screens were cut exactly to the size we ordered so they fit perfectly in our transom windows. We took our time and planned the install carefully and it went without incident or frustration!

I would like to thank Ashley in particular for her tremendous assistance with my order. Also, I would like to thank you for being the solution to a problem we have unsuccessfully tried to resolve for 5 years!!! We live up in the mountains of Washington state, love our views, chose transom windows so we could have more light, more views, etc. However! To our shock and dismay, at different times of the day and depending on the season, the transom windows cast so much sunlight on our TV screen that we were unable to see the shows! I did not want to permanently install bulky headrails or rods in the transoms as they would defeat our intentions as well as be very cost inefficient for only 9″ of window length. I attempted various solutions: cardboard pieces (ugly, they warped, they fell, they had to be pieced); using lightweight styrofoam insulating boards that I covered with material (not attractive, cumbersome, where to store when not in use); I contemplated the window glaze or contact paper options, but again, permanent and view destroying….So, no real solution. Until I came across your website! And, the color choices now that you replaced the tan with caribbean sand will probably fit anyone’s needs. So, thank you very much, and I really recommend your product to anyone that has transom window issues!! My only suggestion would be to have clear velcro tabs instead of black, they do show under the caribbean sand screens. If you ever have this available, I would ask you contact me so that we could replace the black ones for a more inconspicuous look.”

Sincerely, Pattie B.

I liked the website. It was easy to enter my window sizes, pick the color. Solarshieldusa was able to send me the product in a couple of days. Good idea for the do it yourselfer. I would recommend them and their video was helpful for someone who had never done this before.

-A. Pulkrabek